Heat Recovery

Increase the fresh air in your house and improve its efficiency!

Modern houses are increasingly air tight as building standards improve and building regulations become stricter. This air tightness can mean that stale or humid air has nowhere to go from bathrooms or kitchens. The old solution to this problem was to add extract ventilation where a fan would pull the air out of the house. This air would then be replaced with cold fresh air through trickle verb or natural infiltration (draughts).

How does Heat Recovery work?

MVHR takes the warm stale air out of the house and draws fresh air into the property using the same system. As the warm stale air is drawn out, it passes its heat to cold fresh air coming in using a heat exchanger. This warm fresh air is then blown into living areas and bedrooms through ducts

What are the benefits of Heat Recovery?

Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are a great alternative to traditional ventilation systems. Heat Recovery Systems:

  • Provide more clean, fresh air is supplied to the house than in a traditional modern house, meaning better air quality for the people living there.
  • The house can be made more airtight which means less heat is lost through natural ventilation, meaning lower energy bills.
  • Stale air from bathrooms and kitchens is constantly extracted without heat loss to avoid condensation or damp problems.
  • Cleaner fresh air can help allergy sufferers as black mould and other allergens are less frequent.

Why choose Home Renewables?

Home Renewables‘ efficient and responsive team can install a heat recovery ventilation system on any new property and some existing homes. We pride ourselves on workmanship and quality. Your project manager can advise you on whether a heat recovery system is suitable for your needs and will be available 24/7 to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation to find out how much you could improve your air quality and save money with a heat recovery system.