Home Renewables – Biomass

Biomass has been heating our homes for thousands of years in the form of wood fires. New highly efficient biomass boilers are not only a greener alternative to gas, oil and electricity, they can also offer significant reductions in fuel costs over these systems.

These systems are already used widely in mainland Europe (40% of Austria’s energy comes from biomass sources) and domestic biomass boilers are a very popular energy solution in Scandinavian countries.

How do Biomass Boilers work?

They are similar to traditional wood burning stoves but work to a high degree of efficiency. On a traditional wood burner a lot of energy is lost through the chimney and to the surrounding air. Modern stoves can convert over 90% of the fuel used into useful heat for your home.

Wood can be fed into the boiler in the form of logs, pellets or chips and are burnt in the combustion chamber to efficiently produce heat. This heat is then released into a heat exchanger to provide heat through a wet central heating system. This can also be used to provide domestic hot water.

What are the benefits?


These highly efficient boilers offer significant advantages over more traditional heating services, benefits include:

  • Biomass fuel is a cheaper alternative to oil or natural gas and is free of the fluctuating prices caused by the global oil and gas market
  • They are a highly efficient way of heating water and central heating meaning constant heat and hot water.
  • The fuel comes from trees which take carbon out of the atmosphere when growing so the fuel is carbon neutral
  • Help to support the local rural economy by offering opportunities to local businesses producing and supplying these fuels
  • The government’s Renewable Heat Incentive will subsidise the installation by paying you back for 7 years after the installation

Why choose Home Renewables to install a biomass boiler?

Home Renewables has a wide range of biomass boiler options and will provide you with a tailored service when choosing to install a boiler. This means that we can find the right system for your property and install to the specifications of your home.

From your initial meeting to booking a biomass installer, your personal project manager will be available directly 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

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